We are a company of Italians proud of our land and its traditions. Our mission is to make the rest of the world aware, savor and develop a passion for the authentic Italian cuisine. We offer a careful selection of excellent food products that contain flavors, colors and fragrances that can help you discover or rediscover the taste of "Made in Italy".


Our company was born from the idea of four women, but especially four Italian mothers, to sell to Italians abroad, but also to all lovers of good food in the world, the products of Italian cuisine, already a guarantee in itself, and among these a choice of products that ensure total reliability because strictly made in Italy by Italian companies with Italian raw materials. 

In fact, all the companies that we discover as we travel along the beautiful peninsula, are chosen by us because they still use traditional Italian methods and recipes in many cases revised and adapted to the needs and tastes of our time. In this we have also been helped by the personal history and origins of each of us. Roberta from Northern Italy, Vittoria and Luciana from Southern Italy and Maria from Italy, but who grew up in Canada and currently lives in Switzerland. The meeting of our cultures, our experiences and our experiences had a common denominator from the beginning: food, but good and healthy food.

And it is for this reason that, with the help of their husbands who immediately supported the idea, also because they love the table and eating with friends, we have identified in Luxembourg, where Roberta lives, the country in the center of Europe, which most lent itself logistically to begin this adventure, initially limited to some European countries, but that will involve the passage of time throughout Europe, and why not, overseas.

Currently we have only one office in Luxembourg in the town of Holzem and a small warehouse, which we also use as a collection point, where our products that arrive from Italy periodically (every 15/20 days) are stored.

The entire sales process takes place online, through the Sapordoro.com website. The products are delivery within 1/2 days from the order and normally arrive at their destination within 3/4 days thanks to the excellent service of DHL. In the near future we will provide our customers with other couriers, equally efficient, but at a lower cost.

We chose the corporate form of Sarl, because it is not only our guarantee but also a guarantee of reliability and security for our customers. Trust us and you won't regret it.